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Welcome and play at the best dice games casino Belgium!

Discover the exciting world of online dice and explore all our online casino games. At PepperMill Casino we offer the most popular casino entertainment, causing a real thrill among Belgian players. If you are looking for an immersive and exciting gaming experience, you have come to the right place!

The most famous dice games

The most popular dice spellen are Infinity Dice, Mega Wheels, Deal or no Deal, Take It or Not, Comet Starcasino Dice and Mega Spinner. These are just a few examples of the casino dice most loved by our players. The popularity of our dice games online is explained by their innovative features such as the wild symbol that offer exciting winning opportunities, as well as the atmosphere and the different dice worlds you can immerse yourself in. Each game offers a unique experience and specific features.

By visiting the popular games of our online casino, you can quickly see the favorite different games of our players. Each game has a demo version, which allows you to discover our games for free before playing them with real money.

Wide selection of games at a Dice Casino

At PepperMill Casino we are committed to providing you with a diverse and entertaining selection of games. You'll find hundreds of games from the most popular dice providers around the world, such as Air dice and Gaming1. With our offerings, the ultimate casino experience is just a click away, whether you are an experienced player or taking your first steps into the world of legal online casinos.

Besides online dice games, you can also explore other categories on our platform, games such as Live Casino, blackjack or roulette.

How do they work?

Are you new to the world of the best online gambling platform? No worries, we'll explain everything! Dice games are designed to offer a mix of strategy and luck, and you'll usually find three or four playing fields consisting of three columns and three rows, in which you place the dice yourself. Your goal is to place three identical dice or symbols on a vertical, horizontal or diagonal line to bring in winnings with a winning combination! So be sure to check the value of each symbol to know the distribution of winnings.

An interesting alternative to the classic dice game are dice slots. This type of game combines the popular format of slots with the strategic aspect of placement dice In a dice slot, you roll the dice and try to match the results on paylines, just as you would in a traditional slot machine.

What strategy do you best apply to maximize your win chances?

Just like in the land-based casino, you maximize your chances of winning in online casinos by first becoming familiar with the rules of each game and it is recommended to explore the different features available to develop your strategy that way.

To provide you with an optimal playing experience, our platform has handy filters to help you find the games that match your preferences. Through our filters you will discover which games have features such as jackpots, bonus game, a mystery box or other functions. However, casino bonuses are not allowed in Belgium

Responsible gaming

At PepperMill Casino, we value responsible gambling. It is essential to remain vigilant to avoid risky gaming behavior or potential addiction. We are here to support you in a safe, secure and balanced gaming experience by providing you with tips and tools to play responsibly. You can also contact one of our qualified responsible gaming representatives at any time through customer service. You can find all further information on our Responsible Gaming page.

Help and support

If you experience any problems regarding your playing experience, please do not hesitate to ask for help. You can contact us at or via our live chat. In addition, professional organizations that specialize in supporting players facing gambling problems are also at your disposal. You are not alone, and there are resources to help you find the solution if you are at a loss. We are here to support you every step of your online journey.

✅ What are Dice Games?

Dice Games are games where you take the luck in your hands. You choose which winning combination you go for! Place the dice in the right place, make the right combination, and go for great winnings!

✅ What are the most popular dice games on PepperMill Casino?

In our casino, Take it or not, Infinity Dice and Mega Wheels are invariably in our most popular games. Try them out in the demo version!

✅ What is the difference between dice games and dice slots?

There is definitely a notable difference. In a dice casino, you decide where to place the dice in the gaming area, which makes for a highly interactive experience where there is a mix of strategy and luck involved. Dice slots are normal slots with dice symbols, where the outcomes are determined by spinning the reels. These slots are also more focused on visuals and themes. Each game is a game of chance and offers a unique playing experience that caters to different preferences, on which the random number generator is active. What is your favorite game? Playing Dice spinner will unfortunately only work in our gaming halls.

More questions?

For detailed information visit our FAQ page or contact our customer service team.