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The best Dice Games at PepperMill Casino

Dice Games are arguably the most popular casino games of Belgium. Luckily for you, PepperMill Casino offers the largest selection of online Dice Games from well-known providers. In these strategic games, luck is not the only factor that counts. You yourself decide where you place the next row of dice.

How exactly do online Dice Games work?

Dice Games online may seem complicated but they certainly are not and are very popular in casinos! In most dice games, you have three playing fields, each with three rows and three columns. On the top of the screen, you'll see a row of dice displayed. It's up to you to choose in which playing field to place this row. If you can place three of the same symbols on the same line, you earn points. The number of points you earn depends on the symbol on your winning line. Try to place three symbols on the same line on as many playing fields as possible because all these points are added together. Ultimately, the number of total points determines how high your profit will be. Be sure to check out how much each dice is worth, because if you can place three bonus dice on a line, a surprise awaits. Wondering what this surprise might be? Try out an online Dice Game yourself and find out!

Bac Bo and Sic Bo at PepperMill Casino

In addition, PepperMill Casino also offers a few classics such as Bac Bo, and Sic Bo. Sic Bo is a popular casino game with origins in Southeast Asia. The game is played with three dice and you try to predict the combination of pips on the dice. Bac Bo is a variant of Sic Bo combined with Baccarat. In a game of Bac Bo, you try to guess who has the highest number of pips, the player or the banker. Curious about these games? Immerse yourself in the Asian culture and try your luck!