Spirit Sisters by Air Dice: Review of a heroic epic to save the earth

Welcome to the captivating world of Spirit Sisters, a masterful creation from AirDice. Immerse yourself in an animated story where legendary warriors fight against alien forces threatening Earth. Take up arms alongside them to achieve victory and liberate the land.

Discover a unique dice game offering an exceptional experience with up to 30 Mystery games and the chance to hit the €25,000 Jackpot!

Spirit Sisters Casino

From the start, Spirit Sisters impresses with its detailed graphics and immersive introduction. The game takes place on four grids of 9 squares (3x3), with five paylines. Choose your bet from a range of €0.25 to €25 and get ready for the action.

The heart of the game lies in aligning the dice on the five winning lines, three horizontally from left to right and 2 diagonally, bottom to top and top to bottom. For each winning combination you receive points which are converted into winnings. Accumulate as many points as possible to leave with the biggest winnings. A minimum of 100 points is required to win.

Multipliers add a strategic dimension to your games. Offering you additional wins when you land winning combinations in three or four fields. And 200 points if you manage to line up 9 identical dice in a single grid.

Spirit Sisters bonus

By aligning 3 bonus symbols, a die with a red rounded arrow and a blue rounded arrow, you trigger the Bonus game: Spirit Blast Bonus!

During this game, The Spirit Sisters invite themselves onto your screen and they are not alone, they bring with them many bonuses such as Mystery Games, points, cash prizes and a Progressive Jackpot which continues to increase !

Press Spin to start your bonus round and cross your fingers. If you are not satisfied with the price, you can refuse it and try your luck again. You have 5 attempts in total and the last one is automatically accepted regardless of the result.

During the Spirit Blast Bonus you have a chance to win the Progressive Jackpot which continues to increase until you win.

How to play Spirit Sisters on a computer?

If you are familiar with AirDice games you already know that you can play Spirit Sister on your computer very easily using your mouse or keyboard.

On the keyboard you can use the shortcuts Q S D F or the A Z E R keys which correspond respectively to table 1, 2, 3 and 4. Playing on the keyboard requires a little practice but it is the fastest method of playing when you master it .

Spirit Sister on Mobile

Spirit Sisters, like all Air Dice games, offers a smooth mobile experience, suitable for all mobile devices. The game is played in landscape mode, which makes the various operations on the screen much simpler for all players.

Play Spirit Sisters for free

Explore the story of Spirit Sister without risking real money thanks to the free version available on our site. This free game mode allows you to play with fake money until you master the rules and subtleties of the game.


Spirit Sisters is much more than just a dice game. It's an immersive adventure that combines strategy, entertainment and the possibility of hitting the Jackpots.

Of course this type of game is not suitable for all players, which is why we have also selected for you the best dice slots or roulette available on the market today.

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