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Last updated 01/07/2022

Version: 1.0.0


Terms and Conditions of Royal Ascot BV (hereinafter 'PepperMill Casino') shall come into effect as soon as you accept the Terms and Conditions during registration. In the first instance, PepperMill Casino rejects any Terms and Conditions of any other party, unless otherwise provided in this Agreement or these Terms and Conditions. Also, you may not derive any rights other than those reflected in these Terms and Conditions. These Terms and Conditions apply to all agreements and Services from and with PepperMill Casino. These Terms and Conditions also apply to the content that the Player creates or posts on the website in the sense of, but not limited to, emails, messages, photos, as well as the acquisition of prizes and the recording of winnings.

By accessing the Website and participating in the games offered, you undertake to respect these Terms and Conditions without reservation.

1. Company details

Upon obtaining license B+, Royal Ascot BV has adopted the following Terms and Conditions applicable to the Peppermillcasino.be Website. Royal Ascot BV (hereinafter 'PepperMill Casino') is a private limited company registered with the Belgian Crossroads Bank for Enterprises under number 0460.929.746, with its registered office at Europalaan 75, 3600 Genk. Royal Ascot BV exploits games of chance under the brand PepperMill Casino through the Website Peppermillcasino.be (hereinafter the Website). Royal Ascot BV is the holder of license B3864 under Belgian law for the exploitation of offline games of chance in a class II establishment and an additional license B+3864 under Belgian law for the exploitation of games of chance via information-technology instruments.

The following documents and rules are an integral part of these Terms and Conditions for all effects and purposes, and by agreeing to these Terms and Conditions you (hereinafter ‘Player’) confirm that you also understand, accept and agree to the Privacy and Cookie Policy.

In case you have any questions about our Terms and Conditions, please contact us using the details below:

E-mail: support@peppermillcasino.be

Livechat available on the Website

2. Purpose of the Website

The Website aims to offer the Player free and/or paid games of chance, which are available on the Website and for which PepperMill Casino operates under the jurisdiction of the Belgian Gaming Commission.

3. Definitions

3.1 Day: calendar day;

3.2 Terms and Conditions: the present Terms and Conditions;

3.3 PepperMill Casino: service provider;

3.4 Service: the games of chance and tournaments offered by PepperMill Casino pursuant to the Gaming License;

3.5 Customer Service: help and advice body of PepperMill Casino;

3.6 EPIS: Excluded Persons Information System;

3.7 Intellectual Property Rights: all rights of intellectual property relating to the Website and the Services, including: patent law, copyright law, trade name law, trademark law, design law, database law and related rights;

3.8 PEP: Politically prominent person, immediate family members and associates of the person in question;

3.9 Wallet: the Player's wallet in PepperMill Casino's gaming system, which is used exclusively for the purpose of participating in the Services;

3.10 Profit: the amount of money acquired by participating in the Services;

3.11 Player: the customer of PepperMill Casino, who is registered as a Player;

3.12 Account: the personal environment to which a Player is granted access after successfully registering as a Player;

3.13 License: the license B+ under Belgian law for the operation of a class II online casino by means of an information society instrument;

3.14 WWFT: the Law on the Prevention of Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing and Restricting the Use of Cash;

3.15 Website: the website on which PepperMill Casino offers online gaming.

4. Applicability

4.1 The Terms and Conditions of PepperMill Casino apply to all Services offered by PepperMill Casino on the Website.

4.2 The Terms and Conditions of any other party are in principle rejected. Only when expressly agreed by the parties in writing, PepperMill Casino's Terms and Conditions shall not apply.

4.3 If one or more provisions of these Terms and Conditions are deviated from in any way, the remaining provisions will continue to apply.

4.4 Amendments to these Terms and Conditions agreed in writing shall apply only to the cases specified in that specific agreement.

4.5 The Terms and Conditions do not have to be explicitly agreed upon again each time after they have been accepted the first time, but shall be deemed to have been tacitly accepted.

4.6 The Terms and Conditions are valid indefinitely, until such time as the Player closes his Account in accordance with the Terms and Conditions.

5. Disclaimer

PepperMill Casino offers the opportunity to participate in games of chance at Peppermillcasino. be. By selecting the check box "I am 21 years or older and agree to the Terms and Conditions", this is considered an electronic signature, and you confirm having read, fully understand and agree to all clauses of the Privacy Statement and Terms and Conditions. The check box appears during registration.

6. Using the Website

6.1. General

6.1.1 The Belgian Gaming Commission may deny access to online games in certain cases by verifying the Player's identity with the EPIS database. PepperMill Casino is not responsible if access to the Website is restricted by the Belgian Gaming Commission.

6.1.2 The Player may change his username in the Account, it must be unique and clearly identifiable. There is no right to a specific username. However, PepperMill Casino reserves the right to change certain usernames in case there is a risk that the username in question could shock other Players or if other Players could consider it aggressive. Furthermore, usernames containing or referring to an Internet link or referring to certain rights of the Player are prohibited (in particular, the use of the term "administrator" is reserved for PepperMill Casino). PepperMill Casino further reserves the right to suspend accounts with an unacceptable username. Accounts may be reactivated once a suitable and acceptable alternative has been chosen.

6.1.3 The Player is not permitted to log into the Website while using a false or hidden IP address.

6.1.4 PepperMill Casino will provide you with information about our products and services through general and personalized newsletters as part of optimizing your user experience. This is a processing activity that entails a legitimate interest of PepperMill Casino, but for which the opt-out possibility can be executed easily and at all times by the customer.

6.2. Registration

6.2.1 Only natural persons who have legal capacity and are at least 21 years old can register to participate in games of chance and must therefore provide at least the following information:

  • Name;

    • First Name(s);

      • Address;

        • Residence;

          • Country of residence;

            • Date of Birth;

              • Country of birth;

                • National registration number for Belgian residents or other reliable identification number if the Player does not have one;

                  • Phone number;

                    • E-mail address.

                      The above data is used to verify with the Gaming Commission whether the Player is allowed to play. In addition, at the time of registration the IP address will also be registered. By registering, the Player agrees to the processing of these data for the purpose of executing the agreement.

                      6.2.2 During registration, the Player chooses a password. There is no right to a specific password.

                      6.2.3 The following individuals will be denied registration:

                      • Individuals who want to open an account anonymously or with insufficient documents so that the actual person cannot be validated;

                        • Persons who refuse to provide the information required under this policy;

                          • Persons under the age of 21;

                            • Individuals registered in the EPIS database;

                              • Persons included in the PEP list;

                                • Persons included in a United Nations, EU and/or national sanctions list on freezing of assets or other financial sanctions.

                                  • Individuals who have been previously declined or with whom PepperMill Casino has terminated the relationship;

                                    6.2.4 By registering, the Player declares that he is not engaged in any of the following professions: judicial officers, notaries public, bailiffs, and members of the police service. By registering, the Player further declares that the Player is not included in the EPIS list of excluded persons of the Belgian Gaming Commission.

                                    6.2.5 PepperMill Casino may refuse to register a new Player for any reason. PepperMill Casino is not bound to explain its decision to the Player.

                                    6.2.6 Only one Account per Player is allowed. In the event that a Player has more than one Account, the Accounts will be closed without prior notice. Funds in the Wallet of the respective Accounts will be removed.

                                    6.2.7 The Player declares at all times that he does not belong to any of the following groups:

                                    • Persons suffering from a gambling addiction

                                      • Persons for whom the request for collective debt arrangement (consumer debt relief) has been declared permissible

                                        • The person to be protected for whom an application has been submitted in accordance with Article 1239 of the Judicial Code or an ex-officio report has been drawn up in accordance with Articles 1238, § 2 and 1243 of the Judicial Code

                                          • The person to be protected for whom an application has been submitted in accordance with article 5 of the Act of 26 June 1990 on the protection of persons with a mental illness.

                                            6.3. Account Validation

                                            6.3.1 Until the Player has uploaded a photocopy of his identity card, certain functionalities of the Website will not be available to the Player.

                                            6.3.2 PepperMill Casino will verify the identity of the Player. For this reason, identity documents may be requested.

                                            6.3.3 The Player undertakes that all data on his identity card is true, accurate, complete and up to date.

                                            6.3.4 Once the result of the verification is positive, the Player will receive an email confirming that his Account has been definitively validated.

                                            6.3.5 The following information is recorded in PepperMill Casino's system from the registration and uploading of the identity card: name, first name, address and residence, date of birth, nature of the identity document, date of issue of the identity document, validity date of the identity document, place of issue of the identity document.

                                            6.3.6 In addition to the data mentioned above, PepperMill Casino will also process the following data:

                                            • All deposit transactions including unsuccessful transactions;

                                              • All withdrawal transactions and all internal transactions (bets, wagers, winnings and losses);

                                                • All documents provided by the Player;

                                                  • Adjustments to the Account regardless of who made them.

                                                    6.4. Games of chance

                                                    6.4.1 Only games of chance certified in accordance with the laws and regulations in force in Belgium are made available.

                                                    6.4.2 In addition to the clauses set forth in this document, each game includes a comprehensive info page with game rules and explanation of profit distributions. By participating in any game of chance, the Player agrees to the applicable game rules and acknowledges that there is a possibility of financial loss and waives any recourse against PepperMill Casino in this regard. For any questions regarding the rules of the game, the Player can always contact Customer Service.

                                                    6.4.3 The prizes and distribution of winnings is done on a completely random basis by means of an RNG (Random Number Generator).

                                                    6.4.4 It is strictly forbidden to hack or change the outcome of the game, directly or indirectly.

                                                    6.4.5 PepperMill Casino reserves the right to block and/or cancel the Player's participation in the Services, and/or confiscate the funds available in the Wallet if the Player is suspected of cheating, or if the Player has used a system (including but not limited to machines, robots, computers, software or an automated system) that is designed or capable of circumventing the customer application and/or the software used by PepperMill Casino to offer the Services.

                                                    6.4.6 The Services can be played in a demo version on the Website, whereby the Player wagers fictitious play money (i.e. no money from the Wallet is wagered). Any winnings resulting from the play of the Services in demo version will not be credited to the Wallet.

                                                    6.4.7 The Services offered by PepperMill Casino may be subject to terms and conditions. There is no right to participate.

                                                    6.4.8 If prizes are to be won by participating in the Services, this will be stated on the platform before commencement. If applicable, the description of these prizes will include any specific terms of delivery. PepperMill Casino reserves the right to replace any prize with another prize of the same value without prior notice.

                                                    6.4.9 The winner of a Service is the Player who is officially declared the winner by PepperMill Casino at the conclusion of the game. PepperMill Casino reserves the right to retrospectively correct any incorrect game results and resulting winnings. Monetary winnings will be credited to the winner's Wallet. There is no legal recourse.

                                                    6.4.10 Participation in Services is prohibited for employees of PepperMill Casino as well as their family members.

                                                    6.4.11 Only Services played and won in accordance with the applicable rules of the game in question count as games won. Furthermore, the Players' device must have a working connection to the game server during the entire duration of the game. In the event that a Player loses the connection during a game, a computer with average player skills will finish the game for the Player. The Player has the option to rejoin the ongoing game. In case the game is won by the computer or by the returning Player, the stake of the game is returned to the respective Player. Otherwise, the game is considered lost for the Player who rejoins the game.

                                                    6.4.12 PepperMill Casino reserves the right to subsequently correct or invalidate results if the result of the Service was caused by a technical error, fraudulent behavior of a Player or by a false bet. If such correction results in a negative credit to the Wallet of the Player, the Player will credit the equivalent amount to the Wallet.

                                                    6.4.13 PepperMill Casino reserves the right to reclaim any payment made in error.

                                                    6.5. Communication and general behavior between Players

                                                    6.5.1 Users shall not transmit to or post on the PepperMill Casino website any content that is unlawful or infringes on the rights of third parties. In particular, Players agree:

                                                    • to respect the privacy of other Players;

                                                      • not to post or create racist, xenophobic or otherwise derogatory, pornographic or sexually derogatory comments on the website;

                                                        • not to harass or threaten other Players in any way;

                                                          • not to post advertisements or chain letters;

                                                            • not to conduct questionnaires or polls on the website;

                                                              • not to scout and collect personal information about other Players without their express consent;

                                                                • not to transmit viruses and spam or any other form of disruption or interruption of other computer systems and programs;

                                                                  • not to post or disseminate messages with the sole purpose of conveying religious, political or ideological content;

                                                                    • not to disturb other Players, for example by entering meaningless messages or letter combinations;

                                                                      • not to make agreements with other Players or to incite other Players to a particular behavior;

                                                                        • not to intentionally block Services and the natural flow of communication in any way.

                                                                          6.5.2 The content sent by the Player to or posted on the Website is registered and monitored by PepperMill Casino to comply with applicable laws, to protect the integrity of the platform, the products and the rights of the other users - as stipulated in the Privacy Policy.

                                                                          7. Financial transactions

                                                                          7.1. General

                                                                          7.1.1 The payment methods / mode of withdrawal are as follows:

                                                                          • Bancontact

                                                                            • Visa Debit

                                                                              • Apple Pay

                                                                                • Neosurf

                                                                                  • Paysafecard

                                                                                    • Skrill

                                                                                      • Neteller

                                                                                        Credit cards are excluded.

                                                                                        Withdrawal can only be done by bank transfer and/or withdrawal in the physical slot machine arcade.

                                                                                        7.1.2 All payments to and from the Account are initiated by the Player on the summary page of the Account on the Website.

                                                                                        7.1.3 Credit and financial institutions may charge fees for incoming and outgoing payments. These costs will be borne by the Player. It is the Player's responsibility to consult the terms and conditions of third parties in the framework.

                                                                                        7.1.4 For each transaction from or to the Wallet, the following data are recorded for the purposes of compliance with AML/CT regulations: the identity of the Player whose Wallet is debited or credited, the date and time of the transaction, the amount debited or credited in the transaction, the nature of the transaction, the nature of the payment instrument used for the transaction, the account number or other unique designation of the payment account debited or credited in the transaction, the account number or other unique designation of the payment instrument used for the transaction.

                                                                                        7.1.5 Payment transactions are solely between PepperMill Casino and the Player. It is not permittedfor payment transactions to take place between Accounts of different Players.

                                                                                        7.1.6 The Player acknowledges that a Wallet is not a bank account and therefore may not be used as such. Amounts of money in the Wallet therefore do not generate any interest.

                                                                                        7.1.7 The Player represents and warrants to PepperMill Casino that the funds that the Player uses to play on the Website do not come from illegal sources and that the Player does not use the Services offered by PepperMill Casino to transfer funds or engage in fraudulent or illegal activities, or prohibited transactions (including but not limited to money laundering), in accordance with the laws of the jurisdiction applicable to him.

                                                                                        7.1.8 The Player can only make a withdrawal after the relevant Account has been fully validated by PepperMill Casino. The Player must provide a photocopy of his valid identity card, in addition, the email address must also be validated.

                                                                                        7.2. Deposits

                                                                                        7.2.1 Payments can only be made to PepperMill Casino by using the payment methods made available through the summary page on the Account on the Website.

                                                                                        7.2.2 Payments made by the Player to PepperMill Casino may only be made by means of payment instruments registered in the Player's name.

                                                                                        7.2.3 If PepperMill Casino suspects that a Player has not reached the age of 21, all wagers will be immediately returned. In addition, all winnings acquired by the Player will be confiscated until the Player presents irrefutable evidence that he has reached the minimum age to play.

                                                                                        7.2.4 During registration, a default deposit limit of 500 euros per week is set. This limit can be adjusted or removed under certain conditions. If this limit is increased or removed, the change takes effect after three days. A decrease in this limit will take effect immediately.

                                                                                        7.2.5 The Player agrees that payments to PepperMill Casino will be used solely for the purpose of participating in the Services.

                                                                                        7.3. Withdrawals

                                                                                        7.3.1 PepperMill Casino has the right to set outgoing payment limits for different payment methods. The Player has access to the respective information on the payment information page of the Website. This concerns information about the different payment methods and the limits associated with them.

                                                                                        7.3.2 Payments to the Player by PepperMill Casino can only be made to a bank account number registered in the Player's name.

                                                                                        7.3.3 All outgoing payments are the subject of AML/CT security checks and may therefore experience a delay from time to time. In such a case, our Customer Service may contact the Player, for example, in the context of performing an additional data check.

                                                                                        7.3.4 PepperMill Casino handles outgoing payments immediately after the Player registers them. All bank transfers are treated as regular bank transfers and sent to the banks once a business day.

                                                                                        7.3.5 PepperMill Casino will not make a payment to the Player's bank account if all details have not been verified and if the full amount has not been used as a stake. If the Player puts money into the Wallet, it must be wagered at least 1x. Such transactions will be monitored in order to prevent money laundering and terrorist financing.

                                                                                        7.3.6 The Player can withdraw a maximum of €5,000/15,000/25,000 per day/week/month. PepperMill Casino may increase these limits on an individual basis.

                                                                                        7.3.7 The Player cannot request a payout during an ongoing game session.

                                                                                        8. Termination

                                                                                        8.1 The Player may terminate the Account at any time by sending an email tosupport@peppermillcasino.be.The Account is officially terminated when a Player receives a confirmation that the Account has been closed and thus the business relationship between the Player and PepperMill Casino is terminated. Any remaining funds in the Account will be paid out to the Player's registered bank account, if there are no reasons why this transaction should not be processed. These reasons may include, but are not limited to: identity not verified, account of payout not verified, enhanced customer due diligence, etc.

                                                                                        8.2 If the Account is inactive for 3 months a reminder email will be sent to the Player. However, PepperMill Casino reserves the right to close the Account if the account remains inactive for 30 months.

                                                                                        8.3 PepperMill Casino reserves the right to suspend and close any Account and to interrupt an ongoing gam session in the event of Player's violation of these Terms and Conditions, related applicable laws, without prior notice or any form of compensation.

                                                                                        8.4 In the event that the Account is suspended or closed, PepperMill Casino reserves the right to notify all appropriate authorities, including judicial authorities, electronic payment system providers or any other financial institution, of any illegal or suspicious activity in which the Player is involved.

                                                                                        8.5 In the event that the Account is suspended or closed, PepperMill Casino reserves the right to suspend or cancel any transactions, bets, wagers or payments to or from the Player's account.

                                                                                        8.6 In the event that the Account is suspended or closed, PepperMill Casino reserves the right to block Player's funds to prevent the consequences of improper or illegal, suspicious or confirmed use of the Website or services offered.

                                                                                        8.7 In the event that the Account is suspended or closed by PepperMill Casino due to violation of these Terms and Conditions, related documents and/or applicable laws, a notice will be sent to the Player by email, to the email address provided by the Player during the registration process.

                                                                                        8.8 In the event that the Account is suspended or closed, PepperMill Casino reserves the right to initiate appropriate or relevant legal proceedings to terminate any alleged infringement by the Player, seek redress for damages suffered by PepperMill Casino, or recover any winnings subsequently paid to the Player as a result of Player's alleged infringement.

                                                                                        8.9 In the event that the Account is closed by PepperMill Casino as a result of violation of these Terms and Conditions, related documents and/or applicable laws, termination of the Account shall result in the loss of the Player's balance, including all accrued Profits, without prejudice to PepperMill Casino's right to initiate appropriate legal proceedings.

                                                                                        8.10 In case a Player has closed its account himself, the possibility to reopen the account expires after six months.

                                                                                        8.11 In the event that a Player wishes to create a new Account, this can only be done after seven days of closing the previous Account.

                                                                                        8.12 Players whose Account has been closed due to irresponsible gaming, gambling addiction or fraud on the part of the Player, will not be able to re-register on the Website. PepperMill Casino will not be liable should the affected Player manage to open a new Account by any means, or for any direct or indirect consequential damages. PepperMill Casino reserves the right to close any such Account at any time without prior notice.

                                                                                        9. Responsibilities of the Player

                                                                                        9.1 The Player undertakes to abide by the laws of Belgium and/or the laws applicable in the Player's country of residence.

                                                                                        9.2 The Player will not be allowed to participate in the services offered by PepperMill Casino if the Player is under the age of 21, is not legally competent, the Player is prohibited from participating in games of chance or betting or if the laws in the Player's country of residence prohibit the Player from participating in games of chance or if the Player is bound by a measure of any kind, which prohibits any participation in games of chance or betting.

                                                                                        9.3 Due to licensing and compliance restrictions, PepperMill Casino may only accept Players from certain countries. If the country is not specified in the registration form, residents and/or citizens of those countries are not permitted to register. By registering an Account and using the Website, the Player confirms and warrants that online gambling is legal and permitted in the Player's jurisdiction of residence and will not use the Website while residing or temporarily located in a jurisdiction that prohibits use of the Website. PepperMill Casino accepts no liability in this regard and will not reimburse any Player for any losses, fines or other similar penalties or costs incurred as a result of the Player's violation of any provision of law, which may be applicable to the Player. The Player shall ensure that the Player acts in accordance with all laws and legal provisions applicable to the Player from time to time in any jurisdiction.

                                                                                        9.4 By opening an account through Peppermillcasino.be, the Player must agree to and abide by these Terms and Conditions. It is the duty of the Player to know and abide by the Terms and Conditions. By completing the registration and thereby accepting the Terms and Conditions, the Player and PepperMill Casino enter into an agreement for the use of the services provided by PepperMill Casino to the Player through the Website in accordance with the Terms and Conditions.

                                                                                        9.5 The Player must use his full and correct name on the Website and submit all other requested information truthfully. The information provided in completing the registration must be truthful, accurate, complete and be kept up to date by the Player. The Player agrees to notify PepperMill Casino within thirty (30) days of any change affecting the information provided by the Player during the registration process. Should it appear that these aforementioned registration conditions are not or no longer met, or the information provided is not or no longer accurate, truthful, complete and/or up to date, PepperMill Casino reserves the right to refuse access to its services and terminate the business relationship.

                                                                                        9.6 The Account is personal and only the account holder has the right to use it. PepperMill Casino is not responsible for any situation where a third party comes into possession of the Account and misuse occurs. The Player must keep their email address and password and other security elements strictly confidential and ensure that they are not disclosed to any other person. If the Player has any doubts about the security of his Account in terms of the password or other security elements, the Player should immediately inform PepperMill Casino.

                                                                                        9.7 The Player agrees to register only one Account. In the event that PepperMill Casino discovers that a Player has more than one Account, PepperMill Casino reserves the right to block all of the Player's accounts, including but not limited to transactions related to those accounts, until the issue is fully resolved.

                                                                                        9.8 The Player agrees to reimburse PepperMill Casino for any loss that PepperMill Casino may suffer in relation to payments or defaults made by the Player or misuse/abuse of the Account.

                                                                                        9.9 The Player undertakes to refrain from any action or conduct that may adversely affect the reputation of PepperMill Casino, the Website, the games offered, other Players or the proper functioning of the Website and the games offered. It is prohibited to use any procedure or method of any kind to alter or attempt to alter the gaming facilities offered for the purpose of altering the results.

                                                                                        9.10 In the event that PepperMill Casino has reasonable suspicion that the Player has altered or attempted to alter the gaming facilities offered, has used or attempted to use any procedure or method, PepperMill Casino reserves the right to immediately terminate or block the Account and not refund the amount credited to the Player's account. PepperMill Casino may also deny the Player access to any services offered by PepperMill Casino.

                                                                                        9.11 The Player is responsible for the technical configuration of the device on which the Player plays.

                                                                                        10. Customer Service

                                                                                        10.1 The Player undertakes to contact the Customer Service department for any request to change the Player's personal data, telephone number and password, to lodge a complaint or to object. The Player can contact the Customer Service via the contact form available in the FAQ section of the Website, via the email address published in the Customer Service section of the Website or via live chat available on the Website.

                                                                                        10.2 If applicable, the creation, update and/or resolution of a ticket submitted to Customer Service by the Player will be sent to the Player via email.

                                                                                        11. Complaints

                                                                                        11.1 Complaints must be made to PepperMill Casino no later than 14 days after the event at the email address support@peppermillcasino.be, otherwise complaints will be considered inadmissible. In order to continue to maximize the efficiency and effectiveness of the Website and the games offered, all requests from Players will be handled as quickly as possible.

                                                                                        11.2 In the event of a complaint, the Player shall provide PepperMill Casino with the following information, without this information, the complaint cannot be processed:

                                                                                        • First and last name

                                                                                          • Address

                                                                                            • Date of occurrence

                                                                                              • A clear description of the complaint

                                                                                                • Possibly screenshots and/or other evidence to clarify your complaint

                                                                                                  11.3 The Player will send the complaint from the email address used to register the Account. In this way, the correct link with PepperMill Casino's customer administration can be ensured.

                                                                                                  11.4 A complaint related to a previously settled complaint will not be handled again. It will then be registered as a question and in turn will continue to be handled as a question. If new facts and/or circumstances are presented regarding the earlier complaint, PepperMill Casino does take the new complaint into consideration.

                                                                                                  11.5 The Player acknowledges that PepperMill Casino is under no obligation to investigate or handle any complaint made by a Player to or about another Player. PepperMill Casino will make a decision in its sole discretion as to whether or not to take action against any person who is suspected of unlawful action or who is attempting to violate the provisions of these Terms and Conditions. However, PepperMill Casino shall have no obligation to Players to monitor whether Players are using the Website, the games offered or any other service that is the subject of these Terms and Conditions in accordance with the requirements in these Terms and Conditions.

                                                                                                  12. Additional control measures

                                                                                                  12.1 PepperMill Casino reserves the right to verify a Player's solvency in light of information provided by the Player during the registration process.

                                                                                                  12.2 PepperMill Casino reserves the right to thoroughly verify the Player's identity, age and place of residence for any deposit or number of deposits that together amount to the equivalent of 2,000 euros or more. Such transactions are monitored to prevent money laundering and terrorist financing.

                                                                                                  12.3 If an Account is inactive for thirty months, PepperMill Casino will pay the Wallet balance to the Player’s bank account.

                                                                                                  12.4 The goal of PepperMill Casino is to ensure a safe gaming experience for the Player and his bets, but nevertheless, certain events may occur that are beyond the control of PepperMill Casino. PepperMill Casino does its best to ensure that the Account balance is recorded on the online casino platform. Also, the Website does its best to ensure that if a connection is interrupted or becomes unusable, the status of the Player's balance recorded after making the last bet is displayed once the Player logs back into the game. At the same time, PepperMill Casino is not liable for any losses caused by such technical failures. Such an event falls under force majeure. If a Player places new bets in such a situation, the Player's previous bets will also be accepted. PepperMill Casino does not guarantee the refund or adjustment of the money. If the Player feels that the outcome of a game is unfair or wrong, the Player must report it to Customer Service immediately.

                                                                                                  13. Responsible gaming

                                                                                                  13.1 PepperMill Casino strives to provide its Players with entertainment through a safe gaming environment. However, the Player must understand that gaming can be addictive and be aware of the consequences of gaming addiction for the Player himself and his or her family.

                                                                                                  13.2 The Responsible Gaming section of the Website provides access to websites and contact information for organizations that provide (anonymous) help with gambling addiction, instructions to exclude oneself from participating in games of chance offered by PepperMill Casino, and instructions to enroll oneself on the Prohibited Persons List (EPIS).

                                                                                                  13.3 PepperMill Casino is not responsible if the Player can no longer play because of a self-exclusion.

                                                                                                  14. Priority of results recorded by PepperMill Casino

                                                                                                  Data and records obtained and/or maintained directly or indirectly by PepperMill Casino shall be considered sole evidence of the existence and substance of the rights and obligations of PepperMill Casino and Player, regardless of the medium.

                                                                                                  15. Intellectual Property

                                                                                                  15.1 PepperMill Casino is the owner or authorized user or licensee of the Website and of the intellectual property rights of the content, whereby said right includes all copyrights, patents, registered layouts, trademarks, service marks, source codes, templates , images, specifications, logos, product designs or other rights registered in Belgium or elsewhere in connection with the content, databases, formats, interfaces, programs, provision of services to other Players, software or other applications mentioned above, and modifications, improvements, developments and changes thereto. The Website does not grant the Player any direct or indirect rights with respect to the intellectual property or confidential information stored on the Website's servers.

                                                                                                  15.2 PepperMill Casino is granted all exclusive, royalty-free, intellectual property rights in material (such as photographs, questions, comments, text messages and such) submitted to the Website that does not contain personal information of PepperMill Casino’s Players. No compensation or remuneration of any kind can be claimed.

                                                                                                  16. Liability and Limitation

                                                                                                  16.1 PepperMill Casino provides its service in a manner that ensures good quality, but does not guarantee its perfection (e.g., that the software or the Website is fit for its intended purpose; that there are no errors in the software or the Website; and that the Website and/or games are available without interruption, delays or other technical or political failures affecting play). However, in case of any problems or errors, PepperMill Casino takes reasonable efforts to correct them.

                                                                                                  16.2 PepperMill Casino excludes, to the extent permitted by law in the country of establishment, its liability for any loss (including direct or indirect loss of profits, economic loss, business interruption, loss of information) and any direct, indirect, consequential or special losses, including, but not limited to, termination of contracts, loss of goodwill or reputation in connection with the use of PepperMill Casino service or lack of availability thereof, even if PepperMill Casino has been advised of the possibility of the occurrence of such losses. In any event, PepperMill Casino's maximum liability to Player shall be limited to the average account balance of Account over the last six months.

                                                                                                  16.3 As we are dealing with games of chance, PepperMill Casino is not liable for the Player's gaming behavior. The Player is responsible for all his wagers and results made with his Account.

                                                                                                  16.4 PepperMill Casino shall not be liable for any loss or damage caused to Player by acts of God, power outages, labor disputes, any act or error or omission of government or authorities, failure of telecommunications services (including the Internet) or networks, or any other delay or failure caused by a third party. PepperMill Casino is not responsible for equipment or software failures beyond the direct control of PepperMill Casino, which may interfere with the use of the Services, interfere with betting, or interfere with Player's referral to PepperMill Casino.

                                                                                                  16.5 PepperMill Casino reserves the right to interrupt or suspend one or more games or Services offered on the Website at any time and without prior notice, without justification by PepperMill Casino. PepperMill Casino shall in no event be held liable for such action, and Players shall not be entitled to claim any damages of any kind.

                                                                                                  16.6 PepperMill Casino is not liable if one or more games or Services are changed or cancelled or delayed for reasons beyond its control.

                                                                                                  16.7 PepperMill Casino is not liable for the content posted by Players on the Website, but reserves the right to remove any content from the Website that violates the law or the Terms and Conditions and to provide this information to the competent authorities if necessary.

                                                                                                  16.8 PepperMill Casino is not be liable for any damages caused by errors in data entry, storage and processing and by incompleteness and inaccuracy of transmitted data. In particular, PepperMill Casino reserves the right to correct obvious errors during the storage and processing of the results (for example, the errors related to the Player's identity, wagers, prizes, quotas, ...).

                                                                                                  16.9 In the event that PepperMill Casino is found liable in any way by a court and/or similar authority with legal jurisdiction and/or jurisdiction over PepperMill Casino, PepperMill Casino's liability shall be limited to the amount of the wager, or the Player's net winnings, whichever is less. Alternatively, if relevant and applicable, the amount registered in the Player's Account or the amount transferred to or from the Account, whichever is lower.

                                                                                                  16.10 PepperMill Casino may provide links to third-party websites (so-called hyperlinks) or participate in commercial activities offered on third-party websites. However, PepperMill Casino is not able to control the content of these third-party websites, and therefore access to these websites is the sole responsibility of the Player. PepperMill Casino is in no way responsible for the content, availability or legality of any third-party websites. The Player acknowledges that PepperMill Casino is not liable for any loss or potential damage arising from accessing or navigating these third-party websites. In fact, the Player is responsible to inform himself about the conditions offered on the third-party website. PepperMill Casino commits itself to remove third-party websites by all means if it is informed of their illegal nature, complaints in this regard can be sent to the following email address support@peppermillcasino.be.

                                                                                                  16.11 In the event that PepperMill Casino is held liable for the Player's failure to comply with its obligations under the Terms and Conditions, the legal provisions and applicable legislation, PepperMill Casino may hold the Player liable as a guarantor.

                                                                                                  16.12 In the event of a breach of the Terms and Conditions by the Player, the Player shall indemnify PepperMill Casino against all third-party claims and bear all losses, costs or damages arising therefrom.

                                                                                                  17. Data Protection

                                                                                                  17.1 The Player consents, if not prohibited by law, to the use and computer-assisted processing of data provided in the registration process. When processing this data, PepperMill Casino acts in accordance with applicable data protection laws. The data will be processed fully or partially automatically. The data will not be transferred to third parties without the prior written consent of the Player, unless the transfer is permitted or required by law. The Player is further aware that the data provided may be retained and used even after the account is closed, as long as it is required for retention purposes and is handled in accordance with applicable legal requirements.

                                                                                                  17.2 PepperMill Casino has the right to store and process connection data, in particular source and destination IP data and any other log files, for the performance of the website services and/or legitimate interests (e.g. protection of its own server and the servers of third parties). PepperMill Casino further has the right to process non-personal data for statistical purposes. PepperMill Casino will store and process data only to the extent necessary for the operation of the Website, for regulatory purposes and for legitimate interests.

                                                                                                  17.3 The Player consents to the use of cookies on his/her device. PepperMill Casino will use "cookies" (small files stored by the browser on the hard drive when the Website is visited) to tailor the Website to the needs and interests of the Player, and to enable the recognition of a Player on his/her next visit to the Website. As a rule, the cookies do not contain any personal data.

                                                                                                  17.4 PepperMill Casino makes all reasonable efforts to protect the personal data stored on its server, but cannot be held liable if a third party unlawfully seizes and processes such data. In no event shall PepperMill Casino be liable for any damages, including damages suffered by the Player or any third party.

                                                                                                  17.5 The Player may at any time access his/her personal data through the Account and exercise any other right in relation to personal data processed by PepperMill Casino in accordance with applicable data protection legislation. The Player is obliged to keep the personal data up to date and correct at all times.

                                                                                                  17.6 The Player has the right to change, modify or delete his/her personal data at any time. PepperMill Casino will ensure that such personal data is deleted upon request and when not required for retention purposes or for the handling of a legitimate interest (e.g. proceedings before courts and/or authorities). With the deletion of the mandatory account registration data, the Account related to it will be automatically deleted.

                                                                                                  17.7 PepperMill Casino is obliged to pass on information, which relates to fraudulent behavior, such as but not limited to criminal transactions and/or acts, to the competent authorities. If PepperMill Casino has even the slightest suspicion that criminal transactions or acts have taken place, it will pass on this information to the competent authorities, such as the police or other organizations, which specialize in investigating fraudulent transactions and/or conduct. By accepting these data protection guidelines, the Player gives his/her consent to the verification of player data and other transaction information by third party databases.

                                                                                                  17.8 PepperMill Casino will display on the Website the applicable Privacy Policy and the Cookies Policy and ask the User to voluntarily give his/her consent to optional data processing activities (e.g. newsletters, marketing profiling, etc.).

                                                                                                  18. Severability

                                                                                                  If one or more provisions in these Terms and Conditions prove to be invalid as a result of a law or regulation or final court ruling, the remaining provisions in these Terms and Conditions shall remain in full force and effect.

                                                                                                  19. Change

                                                                                                  19.1 PepperMill Casino reserves the right to change these Terms and Conditions unilaterally, including, but not limited to, for fraud prevention purposes, to clarify the Terms and Conditions, to communicate the changes through the Website, and to give the Player a reasonable period of time to terminate the contract (in any case, not less than two weeks) if the Player does not agree with the changes. If the Player does not terminate the contract within the deadline, it will be assumed that the Player has accepted the changes.

                                                                                                  19.2 Any visit to the Website by the Player, after he was informed of the changes to the Services or to the Terms and Conditions, will be considered as an acceptance of the changes made.

                                                                                                  20. Priority of the Dutch version

                                                                                                  In the event of a conflict between the Dutch and foreign language versions of these Terms and Conditions, the Dutch version shall prevail.

                                                                                                  21. Applicable law and competent court

                                                                                                  These Terms and Conditions and the relationship between the Player and PepperMill Casino shall be governed by Belgian law, unless otherwise provided by the laws of the country in which the Player is ordinarily resident. For any dispute arising between PepperMill Casino and the Player over matters covered by these Terms and Conditions, the parties shall attempt to resolve the dispute through good faith negotiations, within a period of 14 days from the date the dispute was reported.

                                                                                                  Only the Courts and Tribunals of Belgium are competent to make decisions for all disputes that remain unresolved after exhausting amicable remedies.

                                                                                                  In case you have any questions about our Terms and Conditions, please contact us using the details below:


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