Pure: A review of the no-nonsense dice game from Air Dice

Have you ever played a game without frills that still manages to charm you in some way? Pure from Air Dice is one such game.

It unfolds in a pastel-colored world where not one but three progressive jackpots are up for grabs at the same time. It’s not a game that frequently reappears in our gaming halls, but it is highly valued by our online community.

How does Pure work?

Pure is a strategic dice slot with 4 X 3 grids. In each grid, you can create combinations across 5 win lines. Horizontally across the 3 levels, and of course, diagonally from top to bottom and vice versa.

Once you make a combination that is higher than 100 points, you will win a prize. Further, you get multipliers when you succeed in making a combination in 3 different fields (X1.5) or even in 4 fields (X2). When you line up 9 identical symbols in one grid, you are rewarded with 200 extra points on top of the result of the 5 win lines.

With us, you have a wide range of betting options, so you can play from as little as €0.25 to a maximum bet of €50 per game. You can also greatly increase the speed of your game by using shortcuts or even the space bar so that the computer makes decisions for you. However, we recommend making the choices yourself, because what the computer does is not necessarily how you would like to play the game.

Pure Bonus Game

The only bonus symbol in Pure is a wheel. After combining 3 of these wheels, you will unlock 5 enjoyable free spins on the bonus wheel. You start with 100 points, and then with each spin, you have the chance to win extra points, a mystery game bonus, respins, or access to the jackpot game. Just know that you can win a maximum of 20 spins in this bonus game.

Anyway, there are so many opportunities to reel in tasty wins!

Progressive Jackpot game

Through the jackpot bonus wheel, you have three chances to take home one of the 3 progressive jackpots: the Minipot, the Jackpot, and the Grand Jackpot

After the Jackpot Bonus Wheel, you simply take your tasty winnings back to the normal game. Perhaps it’s a good moment to use the instant withdrawals?

Mobile experience

Air Dice is always optimized to play all its games in landscape mode. This way, you enjoy the best graphical quality and still have enough room for your fingers so you wouldn't press 3 buttons at once (if you have thick fingers :) )

Always ensure a stable internet connection when playing on mobile, this will make sure that the game runs smoothly and responds quickly to all your actions.

Play Pure for free

Pure is one of the games that you can simply explore in demo mode before you start the real deal with real money. In this way, you can try to unlock the bonus game, understand the mechanisms, and also learn the shortcuts.


Pure is a fun online casino game for when you're a fan of simple, fast dice slots where graphics aren't so important. The bonus game is straightforward, and you will undoubtedly catch on quickly. The most popular casino games are also within easy reach if you're looking for something different.

We always recommend Infinity Dice as well if you're looking for something similar.