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Discover PepperMill Jackpots, three new ways to win even more!

Any bet on your favorite game gives you the chance to win one of three exclusive jackpots. Brace yourself because jackpots can fall any time! When you hit the jackpot, a pop-up will appear and you'll find out which one you've won.

Terms & conditions

  • You automatically participate in this promotion when playing for real money.
  • Players have transparency on both the amounts and duration of each PepperMill Jackpot.
  • PepperMill jackpots are completely independent of specific games, wagers and possible game outcomes. They are split into three categories and can fall randomly:
    1. The “Chrono Drop” falls before a specific time. The maximum duration is set at 3 hours;
    2. The “Mill Drop” falls once a certain amount is reached, with a maximum of €1,000;
    3. The “Random Drop” drops completely at random, with no time or amount limit.
  • There is no additional cost to participate in the promotion.
  • All players have equal chances to win a PepperMill Jackpot.
  • Malfunctions and errors can invalidate the entire game and all payouts.
  • By playing a game, you agree to these terms and all other conditions.
  • PepperMill Casino does not tolerate abuse or fraud, or any suspicion thereof, of the PepperMill Jackpots.
  • Abuse or fraud includes playing multiple games simultaneously using software to generate more game rounds than would naturally be possible for an individual player. In cases of suspected abuse, PepperMill Casino reserves the right to:
    1. retract all winnings from PepperMill Jackpots,
    2. block access to certain products, and/or
    3. exclude that player from future promotional offers.
  • PepperMill Casino's Terms and Conditions apply. We reserve the right to modify, suspend or cancel the promotion at any time due to technical reasons or computer errors.