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Online Poker

Poker, the widely known card game, combines strategy, skills and a bit of luck. It is not a typical game of chance as skills are equally important here as luck. That is why there are experienced poker players, true professionals who battle each other daily to win the top prize. Poker provides a swift mix between mental strength and analytical capabilities.

Unfortunately you can also win without having great cards, but that’s also the nice thing about poker. There are so many different variations on the market like:

  • Texas Hold'em

    • Omaha

      • Seven-Card Stud

        It’s clear that everybody has their personal favourite as the game appeals to a wide audience and is accessible to all.

        Online poker has now become very popular. You can now participate in games and tournaments at any time of the day, providing flexible accessibility. With us, you can play Video Poker both for free and with real money via demo versions. So no matter if you are a poker veteran or just getting your feet wet in the game, there’s always plenty of room to learn.

        Video poker is a fun variant of the well-known card game. Your first choice is your bet. Once you have set this, you immediately receive 5 cards. After this, you have to choose which cards you would like to exchange. Here it is best to discard the lowest or unfavourable cards. Immediately, the same number of cards will take their place, leaving you with 5 cards. Do you see an opportunity to make a pair, three of a kind or go straight for a full house or royal flush? Therefore, always keep the possibilities or poker hands in the back of your mind. Only then can you make the best choice!

        Finally, after this 5 card poker game, you will get the result and win a multitude of your initial bet if you managed to make a unique combination.

        Where did poker originate?

        The first signs of poker go all the way back to the 16th century, where the Spanish called it 'Primero'. Fast forward to the 17th century and the French claimed it under their variant called 'Poque'. A little later, it was even made famous in New Orleans by some French settlers as they taught it to the locals. This is where the building blocks were laid for the game we all know today. In the 19th century, the real breakthrough came in California, where the gold rush was raging. Out of boredom, gold miners started their own variants and rules which added some terms like 'flush' and 'straight' to the possible poker hands. A century later, poker gained global fame with the broadcasting of the world series of poker around the 1970s. As a result, it gained popularity and became the favourite game in all living rooms. Today, poker is one of the most important parts of casino games, loved by millions due to its rich history, complexity and unique combination of skill and chance.

        Play free online poker

        Winning at poker for free is an exciting way to learn about the beloved card game without risk. You can simply play the demos and test which winning poker strategy works for you. These test games are perfect to get acquainted in a safe environment for beginners and to master the different poker games such as Texas Hold'em or Omaha. This is the ideal way to build confidence and prepare for the real experience of playing for real money. Start your adventure today by winning for free and learn the intricacies of the game completely free of charge.

        ✅ What is Video poker?

        Video poker is an automatic RNG variant of the well-known casino game of poker. Actually, it is the same game, but the final format does differ. You are dealt 5 cards where you can choose which cards you want to trade in to ultimately make the highest possible poker hand combination. The rarer or more difficult, the higher the winnings will be!

        ✅ How to win at Video Poker?

        There is not really a strategy to follow because you are playing against a computer where cards are drawn at random. It is important, however, that you have a good idea of how easy it is to make certain combinations. For instance, you need to know that you are more likely to be able to make a pair than 3 of a kind.

        ✅ What types of poker exist?

        The most popular variants are Texas Hold'em but also American poker. Apart from many other variants, you can also find Joker Poker and three cards Poker with us!

        ✅ Is online poker reliable?

        Online poker is a P2P game (player-to-player) so the actions you see on the other side are always based on the actions of somebody on the other side. However, when playing video poker, you are actually playing against the computer, so drawing the cards has to be completely random. This drawing of the cards is thus completely random. This is guaranteed by the Random Number Generator that has been certified at the game by authorized testing bodies.