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First Person Blackjack
Single Deck Blackjack
Blackjack Multihand 3 Seats
American Poker V
Blackjack Classic
Blackjack Multihand 7 Seats
Joker Poker
Deuces Wild
First Person Baccarat
Midnight Blackjack
First Person Lightning Blackjack
Blackjack - Side Bets
Blackjack Twins and Crazy Twins
Supreme 777 Jackpots
Three Cards
Blackjack Twins and Crazy Twins Extended
First Person Video Poker
American Poker Gold
Caribbean Poker
First Person Football Studio
Triple Edge Poker (Three Card Poker)
Magic Poker
First Person XXXtreme Lightning Baccarat
Turbo Poker
Video Poker
European Blackjack
First Person Prosperity Tree Baccarat
Red Dog
Three Card Rummy
Draw High Low
Top Card Trumps
American Blackjack
Super 7 Blackjack
Classic Blackjack
Jacks or Better Double Up
21 Burn Blackjack
Oasis Poker
Pai Gow
Pirate 21
First Person Golden Wealth Baccarat
Caribbean Stud Poker
First Person Lightning Baccarat
Pontoon 21

Play the most thrilling card games at PepperMill Casino

When you think of gambling, chances are you already think of ringing slots or maybe even an elegant evening where you sit down at the table to play card games. Online casino card games are also known as the digitised versions of widely known games such as Blackjack, Poker, Baccarat.

The best-known card games

Blackjack, Poker and Baccarat are the games that pop in mind when thinking about the top card games in casinos.

  • Blackjack

    • Baccarat

      • Poker

        In general, card games aren’t just based on luck. In many cases there’s also a skill based element that players can use to their advantage.


        This online card game is very accessible to the general public because of the simplicity with which you can master the game. There is a dealer present who you have to beat by hitting closer to 21 points than him/her. The game originated somewhere in France around 17th century. Again as with many online casino games, it was taken by colonists who ended up in America. There, the game was also given the final name 'Blackjack', referring to a bonus for a hand with an ace of spades and a black jack.

        Before the game can begin, several decks of cards are usually taken together to prevent card counting, but you can also play it with 1 deck. The end goal for all players remains to get closer to 21 than the dealer, but without going over.

        Counting the values is simple. Cards with prayer cards are worth 10 points and the rest of the cards retain their numerical value. Players can choose to draw more cards, pass, double the bet or split cards. If they go over 21 ('bust'), the player automatically loses. There are several blackjack strategies including card counting or the basic strategy. Of course, it is wise to read through the rules of the game first to avoid surprises during the game.

        Finally, you can also bet in different ways so that you can eventually 'theoretically' end up with a profit.


        While playing Poker, you need to combine strategy, insight, daring and luck. Players are dealt cards in their hand, which they have to use to bend the game to their will. The end goal of the game is to run your opponents out of chips. Chips are deployed at each start of the game and this allows you to gradually weaken your opponents. The nice thing is that you don't necessarily need better cards. Sometimes you can also bluff to catch your opponents off guard that way. Understanding the strength of the different poker combinations will help you a lot.

        One of the most famous poker variants is Texas Hold 'em Poker. In this, you end up getting 5 cards and, through a higher poker hand, you have to try to weaken your opponent by winning their chips. Of these, we also have several video poker games. This variant is the most popular in both offline and online poker. At the gaming table, which seats 2 to 10 players, it's all about strategy and insight, with a standard deck of 52 cards as your tools. In Texas Hold 'em, every round is a chance to show off your skills and trump your opponents, making it a game of excitement and tactics. Do you have a royal flush on your hand? Then don't hesitate to bet high.


        Not immediately the most famous, but still a true classic is Baccarat. The roots of this card game go back centuries to France. It is easy to learn, although it is a new way of counting, so it sometimes puts people off at first. Brace yourself and learn the rules of Baccarat with us. Baccarat can also be found in PepperMill Casino's physical gaming halls

        This is how Baccarat works

        In Baccarat, you bet on which hand comes closest to a total of nine points. This could be you - the player or the bank or a tie between the two. Six to eight decks are used. As a player, you have 3 betting options: The player (Punto), the bank (Banco) or a tie (stand-off/equal). The counting takes some getting used to. Aces are only worth 1 point, 2 - 9 retain their numerical value and all picture cards / Cards with pictures are worth 0 points. When the point total exceeds 10, 10 is subtracted and only the 2nd digit will count.

        Baccarat has several versions and diverse variations, each with its specific playing styles and rules.

        Punto Banco, the North American variant, allows game options to depend entirely on the cards dealt.

        • Chemin de Fer, a European variant, is more interactive and lets players take turns as bankers.

          • Baccarat Banque is very similar to Chemin de Fer, but in this version the role for the banker is more prominent. The highest wager gets to be the banker, he can only bet on himself as the bank and the other players cannot bet on him. Winning as a banker keeps his role unless a loss occurs, then the role gets shifted to the next person.

            • And last we have Mini Baccarat, this version is a Punto Banco variation with a table that fits up to 16 players and rounds are quick, which promotes a fast pace of play.

              For the best experience it's vital to have good knowledge about the rules of the game and playing strategies that can enhance your experience at online baccarat. Don't wish to play for real money yet? Then be sure to try one of our baccarat demos.

              Play card games for free

              Are you not yet familiar with card games such as poker, baccarat and blackjack in an online casino? Then we offer you the opportunity to test most of our casino games for free before playing for real money. Our free demos are ideal for novice players who want to try out different tactics for various card games.

              You don't need an account to play our demos.

              ✅ What are card games?

              Card games use playing cards to play different types of casino games such as BlackJack, Poker or Baccarat. We have a wide range of games with cards, so grab your chance!

              ✅ Are online card games reliable?

              When you play digitally, it sometimes seems harder to believe when a card is drawn because you can't follow the shuffling of the cards etc. Something you can easily see in the real world, though. Nevertheless, playing online card games at legal casinos is always reliable. This is because the games are certified to have completely random outcomes. The Random Number Generator (RNG) guarantees that the outcome of every single game played is 100% randomised. It also ensures that the previous rounds have no impact on the next and every time there’s an equal chance of winning.

              ✅ What are the most popular card games at PepperMill Casino?

              Our players prefer First Person Blackjack by Evolution or Multihand Blackjack by Gaming1. Get set and see if they're popular with you too!