Don't wager your limits!

At PepperMill Casino, it's all about fun. While the vast majority of players don’t experience any problems while playing, some players can develop a risky gaming behavior which can result in gaming addiction. These situations can quickly escalate, and this goes against PepperMill Casino’s Mission. We don’t leave any player behind in our shared responsibility. You can count on us to enjoy a responsible, fair and safe gaming experience. In this way, we work together to make sure that you don’t wager your personal limits.

Responsible Gaming Tips

In order to play responsibly, it is important to occasionally reflect on your playing behavior. Below are some tips to keep it responsible.

  • Keep it fun!
    We hope you can relax with us and enjoy. We strongly advise to play with sensible amounts. Whenever in doubt, complete our self-test to monitor if you are still in control of gaming behavior.

  • Determine your budget.
    Before you start playing, it is wise to consider how much money you can afford to play with. Of course, financial problems cannot be solved through gambling.

  • Do you still believe in unicorns?
    Games of chance have an outcome that is 100% random. There is no way you can influence the outcome of the games by applying a strategy or superstition. Even when your friends say, "with my lucky socks I've never lost," it's best not to believe this. The outcome of each game is determined completely at random by a Random Number Generator (RNG) that has been tested by certified testing labs.

  • Play only when feeling well.
    The best choices are made when rational. This means sober and without overwhelming emotions. This also applies to games of chance. It is scientifically proven that players tend to take more risks when under the influence, or when dealing with intense emotions. Therefore, it is best not to let a game ruin your mood.

  • Take your profits in a timely manner and don't try to chase past results.
    The best winners can accept occasional losses. Therefore, do not try to win back the lost amounts from the past. A tip for this is to set an alarm on when you will stop playing; regardless of the result, winning or losing.

  • Live!
    Of course, we love to see you having a good time with us, but remember that life doesn't stand still. Take a break from playing once in a while. Don't let the game affect your life and keep it fun.


PepperMill Casino doesn't take its responsibility lightly by providing various tools to protect your playing habits. That way, you can stay in control!

If you are looking for more information or assistance , please do not hesitate to contact our customer service team at or through our live chat.

Know your limits

Excesses can cause damage so your account has a deposit limit of 200 euros per week. You can modify this limit in your profile under limits.

Note that an increase of this limit will only come into effect 72 hours after the request. Reductions of the deposit limit, on the other hand, are effective immediately.

Cooling-off period

Do you feel that some tips are harder to follow? Maybe it's time to take a little break from playing at PepperMill Casino for a certain period of time. You will be temporarily unable to play, deposit and will be excluded from our marketing activities during this period.

You can set this via your player profile and keep control of your gaming behavior.

Take the Self-Test!

Wisdom starts with self-knowledge. If you want to get to know yourself just a little bit better in a few minutes, be sure to take the EIGHT self-test below and gain useful insights into your playing behavior. We recommend that you complete this test from time to time to monitor your gaming behavior.

Do you experience problems in your daily life because of your online experiences? Then it’s highly recommended to seek help. You can always contact our customer service at or through our live chat. You can also (anonymously) seek professional advice from one of the following organizations. You are not alone.

Professional organizations

Below we list several organizations that you can contact (anonymously) regarding gambling addiction, excessive gaming behavior and other problems.

You will also find a list of different organizations split up by region on the website of the Gaming Commission , so you can find help easily and close to home. In full transparency, PepperMill Casino does not have any commercial cooperation with any of the parties mentioned above.

Are you worried about someone close to you?


If you are concerned that someone close (family, friend, colleague) is no longer playing responsibly then you can seek advice from the appropriate agencies above. Professional organizations can certainly assist you with supporting and helping your loved ones.

If you feel that some provided tips are difficult to follow, the provided tools do not offer sufficient support and you can no longer enjoy your experience with us, PepperMill Casino provides some ways to distance yourself and take a break. We briefly explain them.

Cooling-off period

We want you to enjoy your time with us to the fullest, but if you suspect any danger of losing control, a cooling-off period can certainly help. This will immediately freeze your access to the Games at PepperMill Casino. After setting the duration in your profile, we will take all measurements to restrict your access and ensure that you do not receive any further marketing-related communication from us. During this break you will not be able to play or deposit, but you can still access your account. After the expiration of the cooling-off period, you will regain full access to PepperMill Casino and receive an email that your cooling-off period has expired, along with some useful tips that can help you play responsibly again.

Self-exclusion through the Gaming Commission

If you feel that taking a cooling off-break is no longer sufficient, you can apply for self-exclusion through the Gambling Commission. If you do this, you will no longer have access to online and offline casinos, betting shops and gaming halls licensed by the Gaming Commission. If you want to lift this self-exclusion you can only be reinstated after a minimum of 3 months from the day the Gaming Commission received your request. More information can be found on the website of the Gaming Commission.

Request an access ban for someone else

Are you concerned about a loved one who is playing irresponsibly? In that case, you can request athird party access ban from the Gaming Commission. Please note that this procedure is more complicated than the procedure for self-exclusion requested by the player.

Wisdom starts with self-knowledge. If you want to get to know yourself just a little bit better in a few minutes, be sure to take the EIGHT self-test below and get useful insights into your playing behavior. PepperMill Casino recommends that you complete this test from time to time to monitor your playing behavior. If 4 or more statements mentioned below are applicable to you, you are showing signs of a possible gambling addiction and it is advised to contact professional help .

  • Sometimes I feel tense or down after an online casino visit.

  • Sometimes I feel guilty about my playing habits.

  • Games of chance have caused me trouble in the past.

  • Sometimes I think it is better not to tell others, especially my family, how much time and money I spend on an online casino visit.

  • I regularly find that I ran out of money by the end of my playing session.

  • Often I try to win back previous losses by playing more in time or placing bets.

  • Yes, I have been criticized in the past for my playing habits.

  • Yes, I have tried to win money to pay debts before.

If you have minor children, you should remember that they can also access your PepperMill Casino account information via your laptop or cell phone. We encourage you to have a conversation with your child(ren) about the potential risks of online gambling. You can also use specialized software to prevent your child(ren) from accessing gambling websites such as ours. Be sure to take a look at the following parental control tools:

PepperMill Casino does not have any commercial relationship with the above-mentioned suppliers as these tools only serve as an example. Other tools can be equally performant. Furthermore, you can also choose not to choose autofill for your password when logging in and always log out when you’re done playing at PepperMill Casino.