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Blog │ Understanding Video Poker basics
Blog │ Understanding Video Poker basics

19/03/2024 18:00

Top 5 Video Poker variations and game explanation

"Intro to" and "Video Poker" in a gold bar with a Royal Flush of hearts attached.

Like most casino games, the popular game of Poker has turned digital. Video poker has emerged by combining the classic game with the innovation of online slot machines. This game comes with some variations that offer unique gameplay and prizes! Let’s see how they work.

What is Video Poker?

Video Poker is a famous online casino game that combines the excitement of classic poker with the simplicity and the fast pace of slot machines. First off, you need to know what a poker hand combination is. After learning these combinations from the top of your head, the game becomes a bit easier. You get 5 cards to start, you can keep the cards that you think would form a combination by holding them and then draw again to replace the rest of the cards with new ones. The payout is according to their strength so it’s best to take a good look at the payout table because it could differ for the other variations.

How does video poker work?

We created a simple step-by-step guide to show how the game works. The same steps are applied for all video poker variations so we got you covered for it all.

Step 1: Choose the best variation of video poker for you

Choosing the right variant of the game is the first and the most important step into the world of this exciting game. Try out some of the variations by testing the demo’s and choosing your favorite one. There are about nine different variations of the game available with their own payouts and rules, but the goal if the game stays the same.

Step 2: Review the payout table

It should be a habit to check the payout table at the start of any game. Some variations pay out differently so it’s an essential step to be aware of these changes! Here, you can see all the possible winning combinations and their payouts.

Step 3: Place your bet

Your bet is determined by the amount of hands you want to play and the bet amount. You can choose up to 100 hands and the amount of your bet is applied to each hand. For example: you bet € 1 and select 20 hands, your total bet is € 20 as each hand is worth € 1 (your bet). Depending on the variation, the minimum bet can start at €0.10 and go up to € 100.

Step 4: Start the game

To begin your video poker adventure, press the start button to receive your cards. Hold the cards that you want to keep by clicking on the cards, proceed to click on the draw button again to get new cards and see if there’s a winning hand. Have fun and goodluck!

Variations of Video Poker: popular game options at PepperMill Casino

Here at PepperMill Casino, we offer various versions for a ton of online casino games, including video poker. These variations may have different payouts and game rules, let’s take a look at these differences and help you make a choice for your next game!

  • Three Cards Poker: This game is played with 3 cards Instead of the regular 5, so your combinations are cut down to only 3 cards. This makes the game harder as pairs are out of the question and the lowest hand you can form is a flush to the highest a royal flush. There are no extra hands to play with in this fast paced game filled with excitement.

    • Joker Poker: In this variant a joker is added as a wild card. The joker can replace any other card to make winning combinations for you. For example: if you have a pair of 3’s and a joker, this turns your pair into a Three of a kind as the joker turns into a card in your favor! Amazing isn’t it?

      • Deuces Wild: This game is famous for its namesake, the deuces (2’s) work as wild cards, which means they work in your favor to complete combinations. To give an example, if you are one card away from forming a flush, the wild card finishes this for you acting as the card you need.

        • Jacks or Better Double Up: Just like the name, form at least a pair of jack or higher to win. Double up function allows you to double up your winnings in a little mini-game where you guess the color of the next card with each guess resulting in a double up. A wrong guess results in a total loss, leaving you with nothing. So try your luck but cash in when in doubt!

          • Magic Poker: in this exciting video poker variant, there are special bonuses for the right combinations. For example, you get a special payout "Bonus 3" if you complete all the steps of the bonus. You do this by consistently achieving combinations of "three of a kind". The Bonus 4 is triggered when you get the identical "four of a kind" combination as listed in the Bonus 4 panel. After each occurrence, the combination changes.

            In all these games, you can double your winnings by clicking "Gamble" after a win and guessing whether the next card in the mini-game will be red or black. However, be careful: if you choose the wrong color, you will lose the amount you won.

            3 Essential strategies for success at video poker

            Know the poker hands

            To play video poker effectively you should know all poker hands and combinations. These will determine your potential winnings as you need to see the combinations forming, even before they are there. The higher the strengths of these hands, the higher the payout. The knowledge of these combinations will allow you to make the right decisions when keeping or discarding cards.

            Practice in demo mode

            Practice in free demo mode if you’re not yet ready to play with real money. In this safe practice zone, you get to explore the different variations, the game’s working, and try out new strategies. Playing in the demo first allows you to get comfortable with the game, and when you’re ready, you can take a seat at the real table with confidence.

            Play responsibly

            The most important aspect of playing at online casinos is having fun and playing responsibly. Responsible gaming promotes managing your bankroll and being in your comfort zone. Match your casino budget to your financial ability and don’t go over your limits. Play wisely by limiting yourself from going over your budget, you eliminate the risk of financial losses. Always remember to gamble in moderation and enjoy playing the games.

            Online Casino Sites

            Are you not really into Poker? Don’t worry, we offer tons of different online casino games for you to play. Try out our table games like roulette where the excitement builds up as the ball stumbles on a spinning wheel, or go head to head against the dealer in blackjack. There’s something for everyone here at PepperMill Casino, discover our wide range of games and have fun!