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Customer Support at your disposal
Customer Support at your disposal

26/10/2023 17:00

The success story of our customer service

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In an interconnected world where excitement is just a click away, quality customer service has become more important than ever. Online platforms, like PepperMill Casino, are pushing the boundaries of the industry with a combination of Responsible Gaming staff and support.

Trust: the basis

Online casinos are all about trust. Players expect their data to be secure, their deposits to be handled correctly and their winnings to be paid out instantaneously. Efficient customer service guarantees this trust. In case of questions or a problem, this is often the player's first point of contact. A fast, professional and reliable response reinforces trust, allowing you to fully enjoy playing.

Availability: fast and reliable help

We are open 24/7. Players can log in at any hour of the day or night, looking for the thrill of potential winnings. What happens if a player encounters a problem at 3 a.m.? Our support guarantees that a player can always get help whenever he needs it.

Expertise: efficient solutions

Good customer service goes beyond availability. It requires trained experts familiar with the ins and outs of games, transactions and potential technical challenges. Whether it's a question about "Infinity Dice" or how to access "Sweet Bonanza Dice" on mobile, a knowledgeable and accurate answer is oh so important!

Responsible gaming

As the first point of contact with our players, our customer service department plays a crucial role in the early detection of possible signs of Irresponsible Gaming behavior. They collect subjective clues on potentially problematic gaming behavior that ensures our responsible gaming experts can make the right choices on when to intervene and proactively protect players.

Continuous improvement

The industry is constantly changing. New games are launched, technologies emerge and regulations change. Our support team stays abreast of these changes and makes sure you get relevant and up-to-date casino news at all times.

Feedback from our customers

Every interaction with a player is an opportunity to learn and improve. We encourage feedback so that we can grow. This feedback, positive or negative, helps casinos refine their services, identify areas for improvement and innovate based on players' needs and preferences. In case you miss a game in our portfolio be sure to let us know. Before you know, it it might be in our lobby among our top games!


When you play online, security of your data is top priority. Players should not only have confidence in fair gaming, but also in the protection of their personal and financial data. Efficient customer service also plays a role in security by educating players, helping them reset passwords and providing information about the casino's data protection measures.