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Blog │ 7 Tips to protect your personal data
Blog │ 7 Tips to protect your personal data

10/10/2023 15:00

Protect your data with these 7 tips!

World Password Day occurs every year on the first Thursday of May. The continuous digitalisation has increased tremendously as you can play your favourite Dice games (such as Mega Wheels) and therefore more people are online. Valuable information is also on the internet, which we need to secure very well! Today is the day to check your passwords for their strengths and even change them if they do not meet these conditions. What conditions should a password meet? We made a list of the most important parts for you.

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Tips to protect your data

Online casino’s have a strong presence on the internet and even on your mobile devices. It’s strongly advised to create a password that’s complex but not too hard to forget. Hackers shouldn’t be able to obtain it nor be able to crack it. Let’s see some tips on how you can make a strong password.

Strong password

Strong passwords are a must for protecting our accounts from online attacks. But what actually makes a password strong? A combination of several factors combine to contribute to the complexity and strength of a password. These factors include:

  • Use at least 8 characters and add elements like upper and lower case letters, numbers and symbols to make it even more complex.

    • Do not use personal information such as your name, surname, date of birth or address in your password.

      • It is recommended to use a unique password per account. This way, you avoid the chance of losing all your accounts in one hit in a cyber attack.

        • Use a (free) password manager to keep track of all your passwords. You don't have to remember all your passwords by heart and you can keep them in an orderly online folder that’s protected and available whenever you need it.

          The strengths of passwords may vary from website to website as they have different requirements, but if you follow these steps then you already have built a strong foundation. At PepperMill Casino, we have a password requirement of the following: at least one uppercase letter, one lowercase letter, one number and minimum 8 characters. This way you have a long password which contains letters and numbers and uses upper and lower case letters. This makes it a complete and complex password.

          Play at trusted casinos

          It’s best to play at reliable online casinos that are regulated by the Belgian Gaming Commission. This is a company that oversees fair gaming, the security of financial transactions and personal data in Belgium. You can recognise legal Belgian online casinos by the "Always Play Legally" logo on their website and a licence issued by the Gaming Commission. You can also recognise reliable providers by strong website security, fair gaming through the Random Number Generator (RNG), promotion of responsible gaming and fast customer service. Choosing an online casino requires assessment in many areas, but with these tips, you will always be in the right place.

          Logo 'Always Play Legally': Legal casino quality mark

          Use safe payment methods

          Visiting an online casino means that you often need to make financial transactions. This makes it important to use secure payment methods. The safest and most efficient payment method in Belgium is Bancontact. Electronic wallets such as PayPal, Neteller and NeoSurf are great options as well. You can also use a PaysafeCard to deposit at online casinos, but note that if you purchase these cards in neighbouring countries (France, Netherlands or Germany), they won’t work at PepperMill Casino.

          Depositing via credit cards is no longer allowed in Belgium under the new regulations. You can still deposit at PepperMill Casino using a Debit Mastercard and Debit Visa. All these payment methods use advanced encryption technologies so your transactions are secure and your financial data protected.

          Use a VPN

          A Virtual Private Network connection creates a digital connection between your computer and a remote server provided by a VPN provider. Here, a secure tunnel is formed where your data is encrypted, your IP address protected and your firewalls reinforced.

          While using a VPN will not always prevent hacking attacks, it does encrypt your connection, improving your overall digital security and privacy.

          Install a reliable antivirus

          Protect your personal data and your computer with a high quality antivirus software. This layer of protection ensures protection against unknown attacks such as viruses, malware, ransomware, and many others. Update your antivirus software occasionally to detect and neutralise the latest threats and stay one step ahead!

          Beware of Phishing

          Phishing involves hackers posing as trusted companies to lure victims in with misleading requests. This could be a request for your personal information such as your username, passwords, bank details, and much more. Casinos will never ask for your passwords or credit card details. Be alert if you receive such an e-mail. Do not respond to it or click on any links.

          Follow the latest trends in cybersecurity

          Cyber attacks are constantly evolving, that’s why it is important to be aware of the latest news in cyber risks, now more than ever. You can follow these through government cybersecurity agencies or reputable internet security companies. They can offer updated information on the evolution of cyber attacks and advice on how to protect yourself from them.

          Play safely at PepperMill Casino

          We offer the safest and the most enjoyable online casino where you can play your favourite casino games safely and relax while doing so. Use these valuable tips to protect your data so that you minimise any cyberattacks or risks while browsing online. Enjoy playing games such as Dice slots, Roulette or Blackjack.