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Blog |  Play Responsibly: Set Your Casino Limits
Blog |  Play Responsibly: Set Your Casino Limits

28/03/2024 18:00

Play responsibly: Set your limit

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In the exciting world of online casinos, where excitement and the potential winnings can carry you away, it is vital to set your casino limits. They will serve as the anchor to keep your feet on the ground after a big win and they protect you from the risks associated with gambling. Furthermore, they allow you to manage your bankroll.

The importance of limits

Setting casino limits is an important pillar to ensure responsible gaming. By setting sensible limits, you can control your playing behaviour and limit financial risks.

What is the deposit limit in Belgium?

Online casinos in Belgium have a deposit limit of €200 per week. That means you cannot deposit more than €200 in a week into your online casino account , unless you request to change this. Previously, this maximum amount was at €500 per week, but following a Royal Decree by the Gaming Commission, this limit was lowered to better protect players from the potential risks of online gambling.

So you can adjust your limit yourself if you do want to deposit more or less money. You can do this after you have completed your registration, by going to "Limits" in your profile. If you request a higher deposit limit, this increase will only become active after a reflection period of 72-hour (if approved by the Gaming Commission). If you choose to reduce your limit, it is changed immediately. With every deposit, we will however check if you still have the approval, if not we will automatically reset your limit to €200.

Set reasonable limits

The Gaming Commission recommends you spend a maximum of 5% of your monthly income on online casinos. This ensures you don't go over the limit and stay within your budget to play safely. Set your limits based on your income and limit unnecessary expenses, this way you play responsibly and also keep playing fun.

Setting personal limits

There are three essential limits to consider:

  • Deposit: Determine the maximum amount of money you want to deposit into your casino account per day, per week or per month.

    • Wager: Decide the maximum amount you want to wager per round, per day or per week. The lower your stake, the longer you can play, of course.

      • Loss: Set a limit on the amount you are willing to lose before you stop playing. Keep in mind that you should always play with money you can afford to lose.

        These three limits are your loyal companions in the battle to play safely and responsibly. Set them, stick to them, and enjoy your online casino adventure with peace of mind!

        A couple of tips

        • Start with low limits and raise them gently if necessary.

          • Take breaks while playing to keep your head cool.

            • Make use of the 'self-exclusion’ feature to take a time-out and step away for a while.

              • Seek help if you find that you are struggling to monitor your limits.

                Maximise your gaming pleasure

                Want to fully enjoy casino games without unnecessary risks? With this advice, you'll experience ultimate gaming fun:

                • Maintain control over your bankroll:

                  • Set realistic limits and manage your budget wisely.

                    • Make use of handy tools that help you stay within your limits.

                    • Discover new gaming opportunities:

                      • Try free demo versions of different casino games.

                        • Explore alternative game modes that suit your playing style.

                        • Play with knowledge:

                          • Immerse yourself in how win probabilities and RTP (Return to Player) work.

                            • Make use of tools such as PepperMill Oddsboost to optimise your odds.

                            • Focus on fun, not profit:

                              • Enjoy the game and don't be driven by the urge to win.

                                • Set realistic expectations and cherish the excitement of the game.

                                Play legally at PepperMill Casino

                                Always chack that you are playing at a legal casino provider. A very easy trick to check this is to look at the bottom of the website page for the correct Gaming Commission names, the ‘Always Play Legally logo’ and so on. You can see a full checklist on our blog on legal casinos, PepperMill Casino is a legal gaming provider and also holds a B+ licence. You can also check which casinos hold a licence on the Gaming Commission's website. So you can enjoy your favourite casino games worry-free.

                                Play responsibly

                                PepperMill Casino stands for responsible gaming behaviour. It is important to recognise the signs of irresponsible gaming behaviour, both in yourself and your loved ones. Do you notice these signs? Then don't hesitate to seek help and contact our support service. By recognising a problem in time and seeking help, you can prevent further damage and promote recovery.