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Discover the exclusive casino oddsboost: PepperMill Boost!
Discover the exclusive casino oddsboost: PepperMill Boost!

12/03/2024 18:00

Discover the exclusive casino odds boost: PepperMill Boost!

A slot machine with three PepperMill logos, on which gold coins are raining, with the inscription "PepperMill Boost" in gold letters.

At PepperMill Casino, you can enjoy an exclusive casino odds boost that can actually double your winnings! Experience this exciting feature only at PepperMill Casino and find out how it can enhance your playing experience in this article.

What is a casino odds boost?

A casino boost gives you a chance to increase the winnings you make in an online dice slot or dice game by a certain percentage. PepperMill Casino is the only online casino that offers such promotions called PepperMill Boost.

How does it work?

With every spin on our dice games and dice slots, you have a chance to multiply your winnings up to 2x. At the start of each round, three dice will roll at the top of the game. If they land in any of the combinations below AND you win the game, your winnings will be increased by the percentage indicated. If none of the combinations below fall, you won't be eligible for a boost for that round.

For example, if you win €10 in the game and all three dice show 1 dot, you will then immediately receive €11 on your balance. Which means it's the original win plus 10% boost.

But if you win, for instance, €10 in the game and you don't have three identical dice, your winnings will therefore not be boosted and you will therefore only receive the original winnings of €10 on your balance.

The words "Win" and "Boost" with three windmills surrounding a slot with 3 mills from the peppermill casino logo.
Payout table of the different combinations of PepperMill Boost. On the left the dice with possible combinations with their respective boost percentage on the right going from 10 to 100%.

How do you receive PepperMill Boost?

When you win a boost, it is automatically and immediately credited to your balance along with your original winnings. So you receive it while playing.

In the player profile under "PepperMill Boost" you will find an overview of all the boosts you have won. Also be sure to take a look there to find out how much boost you received in total. After all, you wouldn't have won this amount anywhere else!

A couple of tips

Here are some tips to take full advantage of the PepperMill Boost feature:

  • Play games with a Return to Player (RTP) lower than 97%. Only these games will have the PepperMill Boost active.

    • The PepperMill Boost is only available when you play with real money. Make sure you do not play in demo mode if you want to benefit from this feature.

      • To enjoy the odds boost, you need to be logged in to your account. If you don't have an account yet, register now and start playing!

        • Claim your winnings right after a big win with our instant payouts!

          Check out our PepperMill Boost page for a detailed overview of all terms and conditions and guidelines. If you have any questions or comments, don't hesitate to contact our support team.

          Online casino bonuses in Belgium

          In Belgium, online casino bonuses are no longer allowed for B+ licence holders and are limited for A+ licence holders. As a result, welcome bonuses, no-deposit bonuses, free spins and free play credit are all banned for PepperMill Casino. So if you come across an online casino bonus, it is important to check that you are dealing with a legal provider.