Take It Or Not: An extensive review of your favorite Dice Game from Gaming1

Have you already tried the showpiece of Gaming1? Take It Or Not is an instant classic dice game that, regardless of your level, will leave no player untouched. Every time you start a new game, you have a chance to unlock the coveted bonus game.

The game plays surprisingly smoothly. The rules are easy to understand and the graphics do not disappoint. This gem has everything to become your new favorite in our dice casino.

Take It Or Not Casino

Pleasant colors of blue and red color your screen when you open the game. Like every dice game, you must first choose your bet, which can be done easily by using the + or - buttons found in the top right corner.

When you start the game, it's entirely up to you to place the dice with the aim of getting a combination of 3 similar symbols in a row. The win lines are horizontal across the 3 heights, and diagonal from left to right in both directions.

To complete the combinations, you are provided with 4 grids of 3X3.

To start a new game, simply click on START. You can also use the space bar or the Enter key on your keyboard. An autoplay mode was not immediately available, but by spamming the above buttons, you come pretty close.

Of course, it's also important to remember that the more fields you can make a combination in, the larger the multiplier will be on your total score. With combinations in 3 different grids, your total score will go X1.5, and with 4 different grids, it will even go up to X2! Also, with a nine-a-like, 200 points are added to the result you have already achieved in that grid.

Should you want further explanation, you can always click on the question mark, which is very prominently present.

Bonus game

While playing, it's possible to go a step further and unlock the bonus game. You can do this by making a combination with the white dice and the red sign. When you succeed, you will flash to a new screen where you see 2 triangles that light up. On these triangles, you see all smaller triangles with prizes.

At the end of the animation, a prize is indicated. Then the choice is yours to accept or reject it. Know that if you reject it, you can't get it back later. You can reject up to 4 times in total. At the last rejection, you will have to accept the last prize. The challenge here is often the distinction between points or a cash prize. Therefore, it's important that you understand the rules well, because in some cases it's better to take points than a cash prize! You can also win Mystery Games in which you can grab higher winnings than in standard games!

Take It Or Not on Mobile

Take It Or Not is easy to play on a mobile device. You can effortlessly search for bonus games while using public transport. Depending on your preference, it might be more enjoyable to play the online casino game in landscape mode.

Play Take It or Not for Free

Of course, our dice casino offers this in demo mode. In this way, you get a fictitious amount that you can fully invest in understanding and learning the game rules. Only when you understand all the features and bonuses well, is it advisable to switch and play for real money.


The game plays pleasantly, the colors are soft on the eyes, and mainly because of the simple game, we recommend taking a gamble on Take It Or Not.

Take It or Not can also be found in our gaming halls, but if you're really looking for classics from the gaming halls, then we invite you to try Book of Ra as well.

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