Mega Spinner: A review of the most popular instant classic among Dice games

This colorful dice game is a great alternative to the dice spinner from gaming halls. With an RTP (Return to Player) of 95.90%, a maximum win of €25,000, and bets ranging from €0.25 to €15.00, you can enjoy hours of fun.

Mega Spinner Casino

Like all other Dice games, you get several grids to make combinations in. In this case, you get 4 fields of 3x3 to place your winning combinations.

Before you start the game, you will determine your bet. Note that, unlike other dice games, your bet will immediately determine the bonus round as follows:


€0.10 - €1 -> 1 spin on the Mega Spinner Wheels

€1.50 - €2.50 -> 2 spins on the Mega Spinner Wheels

€5 - €15 -> 3 spins on the Mega Spinner Wheels

Mega Spinner also has an autoplay function that you can activate by using the space bar and Enter. Also, check out the help section to view other shortcuts to become more skillful in placing the dice. You will undoubtedly get better at it and save some time in the long run!


When you manage to line up 3 bonus symbols, you will unlock the bonus game. The Triple Wheel bonus game consists of 3 separate bonus wheels where the largest ring determines the number of points, the middle ring indicates the multiplier, and finally, you have a smaller ring that determines the number of Mystery Games.

After each spin, you can decide whether to accept the offer or not. If you reject the offer in hopes of a higher prize, be careful because rejecting twice will automatically give you the third result. Note that this way, you can unlock the Mega Spinner Dice jackpot.


If you spin and form the word JACK-PO-T in the red triangle above the Mega Spinner, you win the jackpot of €25,000! Remember that your initial bet is important as it indeed changes the entire course of the game.

Mega Spinner Mobile

The mobile version of Mega Spinner is pleasant to play as the buttons on the game are large enough, and landscape mode is not necessary. However, it is advisable to play in landscape mode as it is more comfortable and does not strain your eyes unnecessarily.

Play Mega Spinner for Free

At PepperMill Casino, it's possible to experience the sensations of jackpots and big wins for free. You can easily play the demo version and play at the highest stake to claim the biggest wins. Mega Spinner also regularly features in our tournaments, where you can participate from as little as €0.01 to win big prizes that are credited as cash to your account.


For every fan of jackpots and players who love various chances to make nice winnings, this is a game definitely worth trying. One of the classic G1 games that makes it worthwhile for players to take a gamble.

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