Infinity Dice by Airdice: Review of a real classic dice game.

Infinity Dice, Air Dice’s classic dice game, suitable for all players, requires you to test your skills and intuition, offering a level playing field for both newcomers and seasoned players. Whether you're drawn to the thrill of chasing that elusive winning streak or prefer to employ a well-thought-out strategy, this game has it all. As you accumulate victories, you'll find yourself captivated by the endless possibilities and the potential to strike it big.

So, prepare to roll the dice, sharpen your strategies, and embark on a gaming adventure like no other. Infinity Dice promises hours of entertainment, heart-pounding excitement, and the chance to accumulate victories that will keep you coming back for more. Get ready to experience the best of online casino gaming with Infinity Dice from Air Dice.

Infinity Dice Casino

Like all classic dice games, Infinity Dice consists of 4 grids of 3x3 slots in which you must place a column of 3 randomly stacked dice.

For each winning combination on one of the 5 paylines, you score points that are then converted into winnings. A minimum of 100 points is required to return a win. The paylines are always from left to right. Horizontally on the first, second or third row. Diagonally from bottom to top or the other way around.

Try to score points in 3 boxes to get a score multiplier of X1.5 or in all 4 boxes to get a score multiplier of X2. If you manage to align 9 identical dice in a single box, you win an additional 200 points.

When you align 3 infinity symbols on a winning pay line, you unlock the Infinity Bonus. An infinity symbol composed of various rewards appears on the screen. Launch the bonus up to 5x to win money, points, or Mystery Games. Choose your reward wisely because when you reject a prize, you cannot change your mind, and the last result is automatically accepted.

Unlock the Infinity Bonus and increase your winnings with Mystery Games for an even more exciting gaming experience. During Mystery Games, all prizes on the game board become the maximum win, which equals 100x your bet! As in a classic game, you'll need to score a minimum of 100 points to win BIG!

How to play Infinity Dice on a computer?

On a computer, you can play Infinity Dice using your mouse or your keyboard. On the keyboard, you can use the shortcuts A Z E R, which correspond respectively to boards 1, 2, 3, and 4. This works the same way with the keys Q S D F. Using the keyboard takes some practice, but when you're used to it, you can play much faster.

Infinity Dice is also available in "autoplay" mode, which you can activate in the game settings or by using the spacebar. In this automatic game mode, the dice are placed automatically according to a certain strategy that may not be the same as yours.

How to play Infinity dice on a Mobile device?

Like all our games, Infinity Dice is also available on mobile, allowing you to play whenever and wherever you want. To ensure you always have the best mobile experience, Air Dice allows you to adjust your graphic settings from the game's launch. In any case, the game is one of the most played dice games with online casinos in Belgium, so you will have an immersive experience from AirDice games.

Play Infinity Dice for free

If you've never played Infinity Dice before, we recommend starting with the demo version. In this demo version, you receive a budget of fictitious money to play and familiarize yourself with the rules and different features offered by this dice game.

When you fully understand the game and feel ready, you can log in and play for real money.


Even though it doesn't offer a jackpot, Infinity Dice is a must-try if you're looking for an exciting game with great winning potential. By unlocking the Infinity Bonus and accumulating Mystery Games, you can achieve massive wins!

If this doesn't fully suit you, you can aim to take home some more Mystery Games in Mystery Deal, another popular dice game by Airdice.

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