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What is the zero game in Roulette? Complete explanation.
What is the zero game in Roulette? Complete explanation.

27/02/2024 19:00

What is the zero game in Roulette? Complete explanation.

The numbers of the zero game visually displayed on a roulette wheel

There are few online roulette strategies that capture the imagination as much as the zero game, or 'Jeu Zéro'. This strategy focuses on the numbers surrounding the zero. By placing just four chips, you cover seven numbers, making the zero game not only simple but also particularly exciting. In this blog, we delve deeper into the world of the zero game in roulette and reveal the charm and strategies behind this popular betting method.

What is the zero game in Roulette?

The zero game in roulette, also known as 'Jeu Zéro', is a betting strategy where you play with the numbers closest to zero on the roulette wheel. The choice of numbers around zero is not random; it reflects the special position that zero occupies on the wheel, acting as a direct bridge between various betting sections and strategies. Historically, the zero game was developed as part of the European roulette variant, which is considered more favorable by players due to the single zero pocket, as opposed to the American variant with a double zero.

How do you play the zero game?

Playing the zero game is very simple but requires strategic placement of your chips. You focus on the numbers surrounding zero on the roulette wheel: these are 0, 3, 12, 15, 26, 32, and 35. With just four chips, you can cover these seven numbers by using a specific combination of split and straight-up bets. You place one chip on the split between 0 and 3, another between 12 and 15, another between 32 and 35, and the fourth chip you place directly on number 26 as a straight-up bet.

The charm of the zero game is evident in both online casinos and physical casinos, but the experience may vary slightly. In online casinos, you can often select the zero game with a single click, thanks to a special betting option that places the right chips for you automatically. In physical casinos, however, you add a personal touch by asking the croupier to place your bet, adding to the authentic roulette experience.

Zero game bet on the game First Person Roulette by Evolution

Advantages of the zero game

One of the major advantages of the zero game in roulette lies in the surprisingly simple way you can place the bet, combined with the attractive chance of winning it offers. By strategically positioning just four chips, you embrace a game strategy that is not only easy to understand but also significantly increases the excitement of the game.

As a result, you have a relatively high chance of winning compared to other betting strategies in roulette. Statistically, you win approximately once every five spins on average, a frequency that not only makes the zero game exciting but also a strategy that can be rewarding in the long run. This combination of simplicity, increased chances of winning, and the regular satisfaction of winning makes the zero game a favorite choice for both novice and experienced roulette players. It is this balance between accessibility and the potential for profit that distinguishes the zero game as a particularly attractive strategy within the roulette arsenal.

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