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BLOG ⎥ Roulette payouts
BLOG ⎥ Roulette payouts

01/03/2024 18:00

Online Roulette payouts: your essential guide!

Roulette and payouts on a yellow background next to a European roulette wheel on a black background with an abstract mill motif

Looking to play online roulette but unsure about potential winnings? You're in luck at PepperMill Casino. We break down the basics of various payouts of one of the most popular online casino games!

The basics

Roulette revolves around predicting where the ball will land on the wheel. With numerous betting options, ranging from specific numbers (0 to 36) to color (red or black) and even/odd, your winnings depend on accurate predictions. Be mindful as payouts vary by bet type. And even exciting games like Lightning Roulette offer random multipliers of up to 2000x!

Understanding Roulette Payouts

For a clear view of different payouts and odds in online roulette, refer to the table below. It outlines payouts for correctly predicting winning numbers on various bets and the probability of predictions in European and American Roulette.

Below the table, we will show all payouts using an example where we use a €10 bet.

Outside bets: simplified wagering

Bet typePayoutEuropean Roulette OddsAmerican Roulette Odds
Outside bets
Inside bets
First Four (EU)8:110.81%-
First Five or Basket (US)6:1-13.16%

Simple yet consistent, outside bets offer a near equal chance of winning. Opting for red/black, even/odd, or high/low bets provides an exciting roulette experience.

Red/Black, High/Low, Even and Odd - 1:1

The simplest way to play roulette is to bet on black or red and even or odd. The payout for these betting options is 1:1. So at this bet, you could win €20.

The same principle applies to bets on even and odd. These options are located right next to the colors red and black on the online roulette table. Choosing between 1-18 and 19-36 makes it exciting to predict whether the next number will be high or low. It is important to remember that the outcomes are completely random, thanks to the RNG (Random Number Generator) algorithm.

The even payouts make single odds a popular choice for beginners and experienced players alike.

Column and Dozen - 2:1

Column bets are usually located on the right side of the table, on the outside. Often they are also marked "2:1," which refers to the payout of this bet. In short, all numbers (except 0) are divided into 3 possible columns. This results in a win of €30.

Below the numbers are 3 sections with "1st - 12", "2nd - 12" and "3rd - 12". These three indicate the dozens and divide all the numbers into 3 equal parts of 12. These bets have the same payout as the column bets, which is 2:1, and pay out 2 times your bet plus your original bet.

Inside bets: more challenging bets, bigger payouts

Inside bets are found in the middle of the roulette table. These display all available numbers, which can be grouped into categories based on their location. Find more information and in-depth explanations on how to place bets and other aspects in our guide on how to play roulette.

Straight - 35:1

With this bet, you are betting on one specific number. This is the most profitable bet as it is also the most difficult to predict. A straight bet pays 35 times your bet plus your original bet. With this bet you can win a whopping €360.

Split - 17:1

A split bet is placed when you place your bet on the line between two numbers. This way you increase your chances of winning by betting on both numbers. This bet pays out 17 times your bet plus your original bet, resulting in a total win of €180.

Street - 11:1

A street is slightly more complex, where you select the outer edge of a number at the edge of the table. With this you choose not 2, but 3 numbers and increase your chances of winning even more. At this bet, you can win €120.

Corner - 8:1

The favorite bet of many players is the corner bet, where you place your bet on the crossing between two stripes in a 4-digit square. This bet not only offers a greater chance of winning, but also multiplies your bet by 8 if you win. Using this bet you could win €90 on a €10 bet.


If you bet on the bottom corner of the 0 and 1, you are playing for the numbers 0-1-2-3, also known as a basket-bet. This combination applies only to European Roulette, where a single 0 is present and the payout is 8:1, same as a corner bet.

In American Roulette there is a 00 in addition to the 0, which increases the house edge and lowers the payout to 6:1. With this bet you can win €70.

Line - 5:1

This betting option covers 6 numbers simultaneously by placing your bet between two numbers on the outside of the table. This type of bet is often known as a six line. With a payout of 5:1, you have the chance to win 5 times your bet, which results in €60.

Roulette: where fun never stops!

All in all, there are countless ways to make your playing experience at our site even more fun. Don't forget to play one of our free online demo roulette games so you can become a risk-free master of the various online roulette strategies!

So, what will it be? Red or black? Let the luck roll!