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BLOG ⎥ PepperMill Jackpots
BLOG ⎥ PepperMill Jackpots

13/05/2024 17:00

Beware, the PepperMill Jackpots must drop! offers a vast array of games and now gives all players the chance to win incredible jackpots with the brand-new PepperMill Jackpots. Read on and discover how you might soon be holding a fortune!

The PepperMill Jackpot feature is exclusive to PepperMill. You literally have a chance to win in EVERY game. There are three different jackpots available: the RANDOM Drop, the MILL drop, and the CHRONO drop. Get ready for increased chances of winning!

Information about the Random Drop on a red-colored background with neon diamonds. Information about the Mill Drop on a gold-colored background with the PepperMill Casino logo in neon style. Information about the Chrono Drop on a blue-colored background with timers in neon style.

Choose from our vast selection of casino games.

The concept is simple. Pick a game you enjoy, play it, and with every spin, you have a chance to win one or even multiple prizes. Let's introduce you to the different jackpots:

The Random Drop - The Dream!

The biggest of them all and every player’s dream! Start a game and you might just walk away with the Random Drop. This jackpot falls randomly, allowing one lucky player to leave with this astronomically high prize pot! Sounds good, right?

The Mill Drop - It must fall!

A thousand in French: mille or the PepperMILL, this pot will drop before it reaches a set amount, unlike the other drops. This means the prize pot keeps growing, but we know it must drop at a maximum of €1.000!

Chrono Drop - Race against time

Time is pressing and every second the Chrono drop gets bigger! It drops when the timer expires and has been making many players happy. Will you be the next lucky one?

Play and win!

By playing our casino games you automatically have a chance to win not one, not two, but three PepperMill Jackpots! Please note that the Jackpots are based on a Random Number Generator.

FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

Can I win multiple PepperMill Jackpots at the same time?

Absolutely! As incredible as it sounds, you can win several jackpots at once. And the best part? There is no limit to how many times the drop can happen for you. All information about the different drops can be found in the terms and conditions.

Does the amount of my bet affect my chances of winning?

Not at all. All players who place a bet regardless of the amount, have an equal chance of winning. So, you can start playing from as little as €0.01 and have just as much chance of winning the Random Drop Jackpot of tens of thousands of euros! All information about the PepperMill Jackpots can be found in the terms and conditions.

On which games can I win the PepperMill Jackpots?

The jackpots can fall in any game, in any category. At PepperMill, the possibilities are unlimited, from dice slots to dice games, table games, and much more. The drops are there for all our active players in all our game categories!