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BLOG ⎥ PepperMill Casino Belgian Play Offs
BLOG ⎥ PepperMill Casino Belgian Play Offs

24/04/2024 18:00

PepperMill Casino and BNXT League join forces

PepperMill Casino is proud to announce its partnership with BNXT League the leading professional men's basketball league in the Netherlands and Belgium. As a naming partner for the Belgian Play Offs of the BNXT League. PepperMill Casino strengthens its commitment to the sport and its fans. Until on January 1st 2025 the legal restrictions on gambling advertising come into effect PepperMill Casino remains committed to this partnership.

This partnership is strategically focused on creating exciting and customized content that not only engages and entertains fans, but also significantly increases brand awareness for both brands.

Brand awareness for both

Anthony Rus General Manager of PepperMill Casino is excited about the partnership: “The basketball community is vibrant and full of energy. With this partnership we can create unforgettable moments that not only strengthen our brand recognition, but also win the hearts of basketball fans.”

"Brace yourself for the PepperMill Casino Belgian Play Offs"

Wim Van de Keere, general manager of the BNXT League sees the Play Offs as the sporting highlight of the season. He is pleased to have a dynamic partner in PepperMill Casino who will continue to support the competition despite the future challenges that gambling advertising will face.

Wim Van de Keere, general manager of the BNXT League, comments: "The play offs are definitely the sporting highlight of the year. Despite the future legal restrictions that will come into effect in 2025, we are pleased that we can still count on a dynamic partnership with PepperMill Casino."